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Technology has brought many changes to the service sector over the past decade. People started using the internet for booking movie tickets, reserving resrtaurants, parking spots etc. Way bring all these services together under a single roof. Handling multiple services, enabling users to book these services through a single portal is indeed a difficult task to implement.


With technology ruling every industry, companies are in need to modify their products and services to offer quality products and services to the customers. Moreover, when deployed and implemented the right way, technology can be the key enabler in improving the customer service. Leveraging the best as well as right technology, it can have a dramatic change on how services are delivered.


Users should be able to search, find and reserve the services they require seamlessly. There has to be a very intuitive filter that should work in association with the search flow which helps users drill down to results by choosing the attributes they need in these services. The homepage should be simple and should have the search bar that shows results as soon as the user type in keywords. There should also be a section that explains a new user how 'Way' works


The design has a dual-tone colour scheme with Crimson being the brand colour and Pelorous being the accent colour. The design is visually clean and follows a minimal approach.

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