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An emergency situation could occur to anyone and in such situations of panic, alerting the authorities and passing maximum information to them about the situation can be difficult.


More Americans fall victim to accident, theft and violent crime during the holidays than any other time of year. Securify aims at addressing this problem and bring safety, security and emergency response into the twenty-first century. Consumers should be able to alert authorities in a matter of seconds and while keeping them and their families safe and secure at home and around the world. It should be an aid for travel safety.


One touch of the Securify SOS button should alert the Securify 24-hour global response center with the user’s precise location, along with text and video messages regarding any type of emergency. Securify should routes informatio to the appropriate authorities within approx. 5 seconds, and periodically updates the user regarding the progress of the response. If the user indicates that they are able to speak, an expert agent will call and stay on the line until help arrives. The UX should help users alert the authorities in a matter of seconds and give them as much information about the situation intuitively through the app itself.


The visual design take cues from an SOS theme. The design is simple and straightforward. Users can alert authorities, send location, pictures, chat with officials etc.

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