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One key area in which Fintech firms can fall behind traditional financial companies is through the absence of the an intuitive user experience. Sometimes, the users limited cognitive abilities might not be enough to deal with complex banking processes. In such a scenario, its absolutely vital to have a UX design that everyone understands seamlessly


Fintech is exciting. It’s truly a disruptive force in the economy. As the interaction between consumers, businesses, and financial institutions becomes frictionless, there are significant opportunities for fintech organizations to use predictive models. Automated machine learning allows fintech companies to create simpler and more accurate underwriting models, detect fraud in their workflows, and find the right customers for their products.


Saving ‘just because’ is fine, but saving for something special is fun. Qapital helps you get there faster with Goals and Rules – two clever ways to supercharge your saving with little effort. Plus you can even team up with others to reach joint goals. Qapital’s pre-built portfolios are ideal for budding investors – give us a timeline and amount and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even diversify your funds so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.


The visual design of vibrant and clean with vivid colours in the palette. The overall user experience is so delightful that the users fall in love with the app.

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