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It is estimated that up to 394,400 people are employed in the industry as estate agents. Worthy of note is the significant number of women who are employed under the same sector. Indeed, 57% of the estate agents are women while the rest, 43% are men. Since most of these people are less tech savvy, a UX that works for everyone was inevitable.


Real estate customers of all ages are modern people. They are also browsing the Internet, using smartphones, ordering food delivery and purchasing goods online as we all sometimes do, and they are expecting more in terms of user experience from a website that deals with real-estate services, what we are talking about? What is user experience and how it can help to boost sales on your website?


The landing page for the site will need to have clear language, clean interface, and direct customer to the first step of searching for an address. State, County, City. The state, county, and city pages will be very similar to the Home except that will include location keyword in the landing page. Register to Create Account. The registration page will include account details and credit card information to be a one-page check-out for the customer. A user may search for property details by entering the address or point click on map.There is detailed data attached for a sample of property information. The page will also need to show a small map image of the address.


Search tools were made easy-to-use and intuitive. It makes the task of finding a house for a user much easier. We also implemented a choice of filters that helped the users easily drill down to a particular property. We also improved the search experience on small screens. Smart phones can be perceived as necessary tools for house hunters - anytime anywhere ready to search for listings. Therefore, the entire design was exwecuted in a 'mobile first' approach

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