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With the proliferation of mobile communication technology and social media, news agencies no longer hold a monopoly over the fastest mass communication of breaking news. This requires the news agencies take up new strategies of value creation. This could include producing longer, more insightful pieces; curating social media content; and fostering more direct connection with the audience to build up a brand.


There is no denying that the news and media industries have changed irrevocably over the past few decades. Before the rapid advance of 24-hour news cycles, for instance, newspapers were the main source of information along with a detailed showcase during the evening. The Internet changed media in even more obvious and direct ways. Everything from deliverance to consumption of media is now somehow involved with online technologies and activities. Being able to instantly reach an unprecedented number of people and deliver relevant and engaging content has completely changed the media landscape and has allowed us to constantly innovate in the field with new and exciting content. This is where a brilliant news app come into play.


Just like the News itself, a News app UX should also be on point. People who follow the North Korea news avidly would love to read about news in its different aspects like Technology, Politics, Business, Culture etc. The user journey should be in such a way that users should be able to get to the news that interest them the most without having to scroll through all the articles.


This being a news app, we have followed a design language with colours and type that are easy on the eyes which enables users to read for hours. These elements are married with subtle transition effects which improves the overall user experience dramatically.

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