An app that helps users surprise their loved ones at the cinema hall.

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The user journey of Hushush includes taking the user through the process of editing and uploading their own media which will later be displayed on the the big cinema hall screen for everyone to see. This might be a difficult task for a less tech savvy person espoecially since the target user demographics is of all age groups. So this user flow had to be made as intuitive as possible.


Almost a quarter (22%) of people spent $100 or more on their partner’s last birthday present. While dropping a Benjamin on a birthday gift may seem a little high, it shows that many are eager to impress their loved one on their special day. The survey also broke down the demographics of who was most likely to splurge on birthday gifts. As to be expected, the majority of this big spending comes from the boyfriends and husbands out there.


With Hushush, users should be able to book movie tickets along with choosing a package (birthday, anniversary etc). Users should be a able to upload multi-media. This could be an image or a video. Users can also add text and other effects. This message along with the media is displayed during the movie break which would surprise their partner.


The design follows a fun theme and a dual-tone colour scheme as opposed to conventional movie ticket booking apps.

Color Palete


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