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You can make people hungry by having them view pictures of your food. That adds up to a pretty powerful marketing tool. Add to that the ability to direct viewers' hunger to your business's front door, and you've got a food business bonanza on your hands. The hashtag 'foodporn' already fetches close to 200 milliion results on instagram. Pulling users to an app that is exlusively for shooting and posting food pictures online can be challenging.


The mere sight of delicious food stimulates the appetite. A study on healthy young men has documented that the amount of the neurosecretory protein hormone ghrelin in the blood increases as a result of visual stimulation through images of food. Restaurants and other foodpreneurs who are smart enough to market their dishes through exploding food-imagery trend should use this app to enhance the lighting and presentation of their culinary creations.


Grubshoots aims at making your food pics pop, making them "next-level gorgeous". Users, restaurants and foodpreneurs should be able to post their food pic along with the details of the dish, restaurant etc. Users can search for food pics based on dishname, restaurant name and hashtags. Users can also search for foodpics on the map.


The visual design has gradient cues and the entire colour-scheme is monochromatic in nature.

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