The Future of Enterprise Design Is Consumer-Grade UX

We believe that for an enterprise product to achieve the greatest success, companies should deliver an experience for users that meets the same standards evident in consumer products.

Good UX is good for business

In our research, We found out that businesses will lose about $1.4 trillion in lost sales due to poor UX. At the same time, about $5.5 trillion in sales will come out of good UX designed-environments. Even small investment in UX design will lead to massive financial returns for businesses: invest $1 in UX and it is possible to see a return of $100 dollars (or more).

Collaboration: A hurdle in the path of building a good product

Behind building of a good eUX product are the different teams like the designers, developers, testers etc. The communication gap between these teams may lead to a bad design, mistrusts and ‘finger pointing’. The long tradition of organizational silos can lead to the death of collaborative teams. By creating the collaboration amongst these teams we put everybody on the same page having the same level of information.

Our Expertise

We have designed UX for Enterprise/Saas Apps that has millions of users worldwide. We've expertise in

  • Internet of Things
  • News and Media
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Event and Sponsorship Management
  • Sports Management


ConferencePulse helps event sales and marketing professionals find and secure relevant sponsors, exhibitors, vendors and speakers.



Anaylysis, Research Tools and Data for Professionals working on DPRK.



A network and device agnostic Internet of Things platform.


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