What Vegans Can Teach Us About UI Versus UX

By UXPlanet / Dec 11, 2018

User experience (UX): a tough concept to explain without examples. You know good UX not just when you see it; more importantly, when you feel it!. That’s why the ability to tell a good UX story that resonates with the customer is critical. Using everyday examples that strike an emotional cord with your audience conveys the message.

Vegans Mean Business

I recently read about how Tesco introduced “bleeding” Beyond Meat vegan burgers to UK supermarkets.

Why should this be a surprise?

Vegans appreciate the emotional aspect to their food and lifestyle choices as much as other consumers, perhaps even more so. Bleeding vegan burgers are beyond the user interface (UI). It’s about UX; a total all-encompassing, contextual feel, look, taste, and sensation that triggers the right level of satisfaction.

UX’s impact is organic; greater than the sum of the parts. This vegan burger is made from plants using yellow peas, coconut and rapeseed oil, potato starch, and uses beetroot juice to create that signature ‘blood’.

That 360° Experience

Beyond Meat tells us:

“The Beyond Burger provides the full 360° mouth-watering, juicy, and delicious experience of beef but without so many of the health, environmental, and animal welfare downsides of traditional animal-based meat.”

Fast Company says:

“The burger tastes good and the texture is the most meaty by far I’ve ever experienced”.

Storytelling Ketchup

So, now, perhaps we have a more modern alternative to the old ketchup or meat sauce bottle example we are more familiar with when explaining the difference between UI and UX!

Tesco clearly understands that good UX means good business. Irish-based companies and food artisans such as BuJo also ‘get it’, offering vegan and veggie burger options alongside the “unleaded” versions.

From a digital perspective too, consider this opportunity:

“Vegan Meat is Now the Biggest Trend in the Tech Industry.” — Organic Authority

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