An app that lets you hire stylists to deliver their services right in the comfort of your homes

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If you own a salon business or if you are a freelance stylist you may feel the grave local competition. The biggest challenge lies in customer retention. To enjoy an unbundled supply of customers, you need to produce happy customers. Be it emergency appointments or cashless transaction, access to local deals and offers or instant notifications on discounts.


About $3,756 is spent by women in a year for enhancing their appearance with products and in salons, according to a study done by Groupon. And that’s a huge industry to target. If you are in the beauty industry or have a salon of your own, it’s time to target this industry. And what’s better than going live on an app


StylistPro should let the users search for freelance stylists, saloons near them. Users should be able to choose from a wide range of services like Haircut, Beard Styling, Pedicure, Manicure, Facial make-ups etc. There should also be a payment system that can be used to pay the stylist through the app itself


The visual design follows dual-tone colour scheme with sans fonts. The design has to invoke an uber like experience since basically its an uber of Saloons and Stylists.

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