ParDONE is a for-profit company with a mission to help 10,000 individuals obtain a criminal record suspension by 2020

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Online application forms are so basic, so easy to create but yet so difficult to make it perfect in terms of UX. To make your online forms work is not as easy as you may think. If your forms are designed badly, your visitors would walk away, without you knowing it


Thousands of people in Canada are denied better jobs or visas to certain countries for having past criminal records. Most of these criminal records are minor felonies and this obscruct them from having a career and life that they deserve. With complicated legal procedures associated with record suspension, most of these people fail to get pardone in time.


With, people should be able to see if they are eligible for submitting and application. Once they have made sure that they are eligible, it should take them to a simple wizard where they have to fill in some details and upload some documents. The application wizard should be seemingly simple and short.


The user demographics in this application would be people from almost all walks of like. So its absolutely important that the entire user journey is kept simple and super intuitive. Colours used are subtle and the overall design is clean and minimal.

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