An app that lets you leave messages and images at particular locations for your friends

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As location-based applications increase in scope and variety, engineering them to deliver a high-quality user experience becomes increasingly important. It's vital to understand how user experience criteria map to location-based applications, the special demands these criteria place on modeling, and how to realize such applications to obtain high-quality user experience.


Location is a crucial component of user context. Location-awareness can help enrichvirtually any truly mobile application — onewhose functionality depends on or reflects users’mobility across locations or presence in a particular location.


Geohop should help users leave messages and/or photos to a person or a group of people at a particular location. The recepient(s) of this message should only be able to see this when they get to that location. Users can see if they have any messages left for them anywhere in the world.


The visual design follows a vibramt, fun theme. The targeted user demographics is travellers and the visual design of the app is inspired from travel elements

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