Loan optimization platform that intelligently syncs micropayments with user's income and automates real-time savings based on their lifestyle

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One key area in which Fintech firms can fall behind traditional financial companies is through the absence of the an intuitive user experience. Sometimes, the users limited cognitive abilities might not be enough to deal with complex banking processes. In such a scenario, its absolutely vital to have a UX design that everyone understands seamlessly


Fintech is exciting. It’s truly a disruptive force in the economy. As the interaction between consumers, businesses, and financial institutions becomes frictionless, there are significant opportunities for fintech organizations to use predictive models. Automated machine learning allows fintech companies to create simpler and more accurate underwriting models, detect fraud in their workflows, and find the right customers for their products.


With Earnup, users should be able to manage all their loans in one place. There has to be an enrollment flow where the user has to input all their loan details. Users can then sync payments on a schedule that works best for them


Since earnup is a pro-consumer platform for money, it follows a design that is clean and modern. The colour scheme is monochromatic.

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