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Connio is a flexible cloud database that supports an IoT platform managing millions of endpoints without skipping a beat. To enable its clients to get new IoT solutions to market rapidly, Connio aimed to develop an end-to-end IoT platform – but to design a UX to manage such volume is a seemingly difficult task.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of today’s fastest-growing industries, and it’s driving new ways for consumers not only to connect to the internet on the go, but also to interact with appliances, tools, and devices in new and unexpected ways. In the same way that taps and swipes on touchscreens moved us beyond the keyboard, consumer IoT products — like wearables and smart home devices — are now eliminating the need for computer screens.IoT wearables constitute a $3 billion market, and they are being used by one in every six consumers. Some IoT products are controlled with mobile apps, while others use voice interactions. And we expect to see more novel user experience design, as IoT becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives — from our workouts and commutes to travel planning, home security, and countless other uses. As IoT devices become more commonplace, the user experience, or UX, becomes increasingly important.


Connio's admin tool already had a design which lacked intuitive UX and was so template like. The redesign should significantly improve the UX by understanding the different user personas and bringing in intuitive navigation based on these personas. Personas have both overlapping and differing goals and expectations. Therefore, when there is a new UX or functionality requirement, its necessity and impact can be evaluated for each persona. Fixes for flow inconsistencies also need to take personas into consideration. There is significant amount of statistics that need to be presented in a user friendly way.


Since Connio is a data and statistics intensive application, its absolutely important that we put together a design thats minimal and help users focus on what's important.

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