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Under the latest marketing studies, online activity has changed its gender breakdown terrifically. Now the number of female users grows from day to day, which proves that their preferences can’t be ignored. Creating a pleasant trustworthy atmosphere and visual appeal are likely to make a woman pop into a website. Creating such an atmosphere exclusively for women might be a hard task.


Majority of contemporary women suffer from permanent lack of time, as they bear numerous responsibilities: job, housekeeping, kids and husband. So, they won’t overburden themselves trying to penetrate into sophisticated designer’s idea. Here simplicity and functionality come to the foreground. Fair sex won’t spend time reading long specifications and technical features of some miraculous product; they'd rather get to know how it can save money, efforts and time, that is, how the product can change her life for better.


Based on our research, we came to a conclusion that that websites themselves tend to certain gender. There is a simple explanation to the phenomenon – some of them were developed by women designers. You can guess what gender is your website analyzing the following points (pursuant to the statistics). 1. Rounded elements 2. vertical layouts 3. personalized typography 4. prevailing white yellow, pink and mauve colors 6. female images are characterizing for female websites.


We used enough white space as fair pastel background that is relaxing for the eye and doesn’t distract from the essential conten, quality imagery, easy intuitive navigation quickly leading to the desired product, contrasting call-to-action buttons, clean and clear design elements that create the illusion of purity, freshness and professionalism, a vibrant and reserved colour palette and harmonious element placement.

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