An app that helps you reach your goals in a non-annoying, non-judging and non-pressuring way

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It's hard to overcome personal development challenges for success without knowing exactly how its being done. As you know, success is mainly about Lifestyle and how to overcome personal challenges in your personal development and to reach success. Designing an app that help people improve the different aspects of their lives to overcome these personal development challenges is equally hard.


What is self improvement? It is an inner process, aiming for a better, happier life. It is a process of inner change, adopting a positive mindset, getting rid of negative habits, and building new, positive ones. Self-improvement means building new positive habits, and changing one's behavior and attitude. It is a way to make ourselves better and happier people. Self improvement usually starts with awareness of ourselves and our behavior, and the desire to improve and transform ourselves and our habits.


Self improvement made through bringing good-habits and staying on track with them. These habits will be prioritized based on the core values or different aspects of one's life. Ones the core values are defined, users are given optional goals that they can choose from. Check-ins can be made from time to time to update the progress. People who fall behind on their jounrney to achievement are given help through tips on improvement.


The visual design of the entire app follows the iOS 11 design language with big and bold texts and monochromatic colour scheme

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