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Television has changed so fundamentally over the last decade, it can be difficult to remember how things used to be. Whether we were struggling with our TV’s built-in operating system or with the frankly diabolical UIs included in cable boxes, television’s user experience design was bad enough to make anyone want to throw their TV off a balcony and into a swimming pool.


The television business has changed from provider-driven to consumer-driven. For broadcasters and operators – who used to decide whether content lived or died — the internet has proven to be a most disruptive development, looming menacingly over their profit stream. The internet is changing the TV business forever.


Badmirror is a location based internet TV. Users should be able to switch location and the videos tagged to that location is played automatically. Essentially, different locations act like channels of Badmirror TV.


The design follows a dark theme which is ideal for video players. The colour scheme is monochromatic. It also features subtle animation effects on hovering on different location tabs.

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